1. Add remote lxd server as a cloud in Juju (2.x)

    Sun 21 May 2017
    By Felipe Reyes

    Juju 2.x have the ability to add LXD as a provisioner, by default it can easily use a local lxd (juju bootstrap lxd), but how could we use a remote lxd?, the following instructions will guide you to achieve this:

    SSH into the remote server (e.g. 192.168 …

  2. Multiple Local Environments with Juju

    Fri 23 January 2015
    By Felipe Reyes

    juju man

    Juju has the ability to use lxc or kvm to deploy services, this is done by the local provider, but sometimes during development you may want to have one environment up-n-running all the time for testing and you may need another one to run amulet tests, well at the beginning …