1. Postgresql Tips n' Tricks

    Fri 22 November 2013
    By Felipe Reyes
    • pg_stat_activity

    pg_stat_activity is a view that belongs to the postgresql catalog, it helps you to view the status of the queries that are in execution, the explanation of each column can be found in the postgresql manual The Statistics Collector section (I don't want to do a simply copy-paste, so …

  2. Skype in GNU/Debian AMD64

    Mon 18 February 2013
    By Felipe Reyes

    How to install Skype in Debian amd64

    • Check if your system has i386 arch support enabled
    $ dpkg --print-foreign-architectures
    • If you don't have i386 support enable it with the following commands:
    # dpkg --add-architecture i386
    # apt-get update
    • Then install the skype's dependencies with the following command:
    # apt-get install libqtgui4:i386 \
          libqtwebkit4 …
  3. rxvt-unicode

    Sat 11 June 2011
    By Felipe Reyes

    The Rxvt terminal is a really good terminal emulator, actually it has been my default terminal since at least 4 years ago. I started using it after getting tired of gnome-terminal (it's too fat and heavy for me).


    To install it you just must do the follow:

    aptitude install rxvt-unicode …